Automotive photography by Willem Wittenberg

Rallysport Photography

From our Office Studio to everywhere on earth you need us!

From a photo shoot in our Studio to the deserts of South America, whenever or wherever you need us, we’ll be there.

At an Event we work with 2 or more photographers to give you a wide range of images. Besides the action, portrait, service park and scenery photography we also offer the possibility for onboard video or photography using one or more  GoPro Cameras in or outside your car or on your bike or helmet.

Our images are routinely seen in magazines, advertisements, brochures and websites. In addition to our photography on Location or at our Studio, we also offer digital photo enhancement and restoration. Let RSSP show you the boundless ways to define your team or product together with our creative input to ensure you the best result.
Prices will depend on the type of photography;
Event Photography
  • Is it a one day event or does it take several days/week(s)?
  • Does it concern one car/bike or more?
  • Do you only need action shots or the full package?
  • Do we have travel and accommodation costs?
Studio Photography
  • How many products are there to take photos from?
  • What is the size of the products, maybe it’s easier to set-up a studio at your location?
  • Do you need one photo per product or more?
  • Do we have to create a mask in Photoshop for cropped printing purposes?
Location Photography
  • Do you already have a location, or do we have to search for one?
  • Is the location place clean (no wires, trash cans, etc) ?
You see, it’s not easy to give you a good idea of the prices, we really need more information, so please contact us for the possibilities.
Our Job
Motorsports photography is a great job, making photos of fast cars and bikes while travelling around the world. Some people would like to call it “Payed Holiday’s”. Well I have to admit that we really enjoy this live we have,  but Holiday? No! We make long days, after waking up early to go to the first stages we travel all day from one stage to the other. At the point the vehicles go to Parc Ferme and driver and mechanics go to their Hotel, our Work in the Pressroom starts, selecting and sending photos to teams and magazines. This will take a few hours and by the time we are done, we still have to shower and find a place to eat and try to get some sleep…….but we love it and do it the best way possible!!
Have a look at one of our Portfolios!
We are looking forward to work with you!

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